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22 09 2010

Yesterday, in my conversation class, we were talking about different sports.  This resulted in me attempting to explain the basic rules of American football to my instructor, whose a young Kyrgyz woman.  I got as far as what downs were and what the benefit of punting was.  And then it just seemed entirely too confusing.  Not to mention that I didn’t know most of the terminology in Russian. But I drew a field on the board and did my best.  And it was a lot of fun!


American football: американский футбол (ah-mair-i-KAHN-ski FUT-bawl)

Field: поле (POHL-yay)

Yard: ярд (yart)

Attempt: попытка (pah-POIT-kah)

To Throw: бросать (brah-SAT)

To Tackle: блокировать (blah-KEER-ah-vaht)




4 responses

23 09 2010
Chris K.

When you get to explaining the fumblerooski, I hope no one gets offended 😉

23 09 2010

Ha! I tried to explain the different scoring opportunities, but stopped short of trying to explain a safety. Or a two-point conversion. Those were far beyond my depth of vocabulary.

9 10 2010

Let me know when you explain sacks, first downs, touch backs, horse collar, personal foul, interceptions, 3rd and 10…. you definitely should have picked bowling… roll the ball, hit the pins, strike, gutter and spare. Might have been a little easier!!! Miss ya!

9 10 2010

It was an interesting conversation to say the least. It took me about 20 minutes to explain first down. I decided to leave it to the very basics after that. 🙂

How’s life, sis?

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