Surprise Vacay!

25 09 2010

So I just found out that the London School is overbooked for the first two weeks of October, and since I only requested to extend my studies last week, they can’t accommodate me until October 18.  So I have two weeks free!  What to do?!

I might decide to take a small trip somewhere, but I’m leaning towards taking this opportunity to try to start making some contacts and getting the ball rolling on my research project.  I’m heading to a reception for one of the new embassy staff on Tuesday, and I’ve been told there should be a number of education bigwigs there, so that should be a good start.  If nothing else, I’ll make a few calls and emails and maybe try to get in touch with my contact at AUCA to start laying the ground work for school visits and the like.

And, we’re moving into our new apartment next week!  I can’t wait to post pictures of this place, because it’s ridiculously awesome.  There are going to be four of us living there (all guys, all expats, all trying to learn Russian), and I’m super stoked to move in!




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