Craft Market and New Apartment!

30 09 2010

Sunday, Eve, Markus and I went to a beautiful crafts market that was set up downtown near Ala-Too Square. There were craftspeople from all over Kyrgyzstan selling their wares.

I scoped out some of the crafts for the new apartment and ended up buying an awesome new carpet for my bedroom in the new apartment…

…which we moved into this past weekend!  There’s not too much to say about, except it’s awesome!  We’re hosting a housewarming party tomorrow night.  Pictures of the revelry will surely follow.  Until then, here are some shots of the new flat.

Our living room

Our ginormous kitchen.

The bedroom part of my bedroom

The "salon" half of my bedroom...with new rug!

More pictures of both the market and the apartment can be found on my Facebook page.


Market: рынка (RUYN-kah)

Carpet: ковер (kah-VYOHR)

Doll: кукла (KOOK-lah)

Kitchen: кухня (KOOKH-nyah)

Living Room: гостиная (gah-stee-NAH-yah)




8 responses

30 09 2010

Being a fiber arts junkie I totally *squeed* over the craft fair pictures. Your apartment looks awesome.

What is the Russian word for spinning (like what the lady in picture #1 is doing)?
Just curious.

Keep having a fab time!

3 10 2010

I’ll try to find out the Russian word for spinning. 😉

30 09 2010

Ooh! More textile pictures, please. Just to indulge my personal fibre arts nerd. That first picture is great–I never manage to get my drop spindle that full!

3 10 2010

Will do! I’m trying to remember to take my camera with me more…I’m working on it! 😉

30 09 2010
Courtney (Coco)

So, if I somehow wire you money, can you PLEASE buy me one of those beautiful neon rugs?!?! They’re amazing! So, by the way, are you. I now have a weekly ritual of checking all everybody’s travel blogs. The apartment looks amazing. I think my favorite part of your blog is the vocabulary at the end of each entry. That’s fantastic. Miss you, love.

3 10 2010

Let me know. I could totally do that. Mailing it back to the States may cost as much as the rug does…but yeah.

I miss you too, darling Coco!

8 10 2010
Brooke Baker

Ditto to Courtney about the rugs … *beautiful*. Yours looks rather elegant in your salon, don’t you know. 😉

Yay housewarming!

Alchemy – the Georgia burn – was this past weekend. There are stories. But for the brief version … it rocked, you were missed, especially your leprechauny greeting prowess (Beyond’s wife Elizabeth and I had a long conversation about whether having better organized theme camps produces better greeters, among other points, and agreed they do), and I discovered that I much prefer burning wooden effigies to exploding clouds of gas.

There was a bit about stars in there somewhere, but I’ll save it for the email.

I miss you, dear.


9 10 2010

I miss you, too. I’m glad you had a blast at Alchemy. I want details!

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