4 10 2010

Well, this weekend was smashing.

It started off on Friday night with our kick-ass housewarming party.  Throughout the night, we probably had about 50 people in and out of the flat.  We had a nice mix of locals, expats and travelers, and everyone was in great spirits.  Party damage was confined to a couple of broken glasses (mental note: next party, only plastic cups!).  The biggest hit of the party, among both locals and foreigners, was my Dirty Russian book, a book that teaches you all of the Russian that you don’t get taught in class.  It’s a bit raunchy, and was quite the crowd pleaser.  Around 1230am, most of the party moved on to a night club in town, but I was pooped, so I called it a night early.

Saturday was a quiet day at the apartment, cleaning up general party detritus and hearing tales of antics from the night before (most of which happened at the night club).  In the afternoon, a number of us decided to go bowling, an activity which apparently fulfilled a long ago made birthday promise to my roommate Aaro.  I tagged along and was pleased to find out that all of us suck at bowling.  Not a one of us broke 100, although Aaro came close in his second game.  The group was so bad that I, after coming in 4th out of 5 in the first game, came in 2nd out of 7 in the second.  We were a pretty pathetic group overall, but it was a lot of fun.

Sunday morning, I got up and finally made my long awaited journey to Dordoi Bazaar — Central Asia’s largest market.  The place is massive.  It’s made up of several kilometers’ worth of storage containers stacked in rows next to and on top of each other.  And from these containers are sold everything you could possibly want — from barrettes to jeans to samovars to refrigerators to spices to tuxedos and everything in between.  This was primarily a scouting mission, as I had heard tell of the overwhelming massiveness of Dordoi, and I didn’t want to go too crazy trying to buy things.  I did pick up some shot glasses to replace the ones that were broken on Friday, some silverware to up our supply (we previously only had enough for six) and some awesome slippers to wear in the house (we’re a shoes-at-the-door type of apartment).  The market was packed full of people, and I’m planning to head out there again later this week, as it should be significantly less crowded during the week.

A quick heads up: I may be a little quieter than usual over the next week or so.  We still don’t have Internet at the apartment, so I have to ration my time online.  And I’m really trying to make some contacts and get my research off the ground in the next couple of weeks.  So that’s going to have to be my focus for a little while.  And that’s only fair, as that’s what I’m being paid to do.  🙂  I do intend to have a post up about the upcoming elections and maybe one on public transportation this week.  Other than that, unless something big happens (or we finally get Internet sorted out at our flat), I’ll be quietish.


Bowling: боулинг (BOU-link)

Shot glasses: рюмки (RYOOM-kee)

Slippers: тапочки (tah-POCH-kee)

To research: исследовать (ee-SLED-ah-vaht)

Knife: нож (nohzh)

Fork: вилка (VEEL-kah)

Spoon: ложка (LOZH-kah)




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