Quick Update

12 10 2010

I’m exhausted, so this is going to be brief.  But I can’t go three days without blogging.  I start to twitch.

The elections went smoothly, although Ata-Jurt — the Bakiyev supporting nationalist party — somewhat unexpectedly got the most votes.  This is attributed to really high turnout in southern Kyrgyzstan, where Bakiyev remains popular.  Although the party, more than likely, will have difficulty creating a big enough coalition with the other parties to actually gain control iof parliament.  At least that’s what the pundits (as much as pundits exist in Kyrgyzstan) are saying.  It will be wildly interesting to see how it plays out over the next few months.

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and we hosted a Thanksgiving feast at our place, featuring a half dozen Canucks and two turkeys, which we slaughtered ourselves!  Pictures coming soon of that adventure.

Before the feast yesterday, I had a really productive meeting with my contact at the American University of Central Asia.  She knew a lot of the key players in educational policy and multilingual education that I’ve had trouble tracking down.  And she’s super keen and willing to help, which I’m infinitely grateful for.  So that’s progress!

And last but not least, I spent just about the entirety of today narrowing down which graduate schools and programs I’m going to be applying to this fall.  I’ve got the list narrowed down to about 30(!) programs…so I have a long way to go.  But I really want to get my brain sorted around this and get my decisions made in the next week.  It’s exhausting, but hopefully it’ll result in some mad education for my future.

Whew…that’s about all I got right now.  I’ve got five more days before I start back to Russian classes.  Hopefully I’ll have graduate school plans sorted by then.  Later!




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