Я жив. (I’m alive)

31 10 2010

This has been quite the busy week!


Started off on Sunday with a trip to Osh Bazaar, where I picked up an awesome Russian winter hat.  With my awesome new trench coat, I should totally blend in with the locals when winter really rolls in.


Sunday evening I went to a concert at the Bishkek Philharmonia which honored the premier komuz player, Nurak Abdrahmanov.  It was entirely in Kyrgyz, so I was lost most of the time, but the music was really great.  The komuz is a small stringed instrument, and it was incredible how much music could be drawn out of such a small instrument.  I really enjoyed it.



I spent the rest of the week easing back into Russian classes and (finally) finishing my grad school applications.  I sent off my final essay on Friday, and I should start hearing back as early as late December, although I anticipate that most of the decisions won’t be made until March.  So it’s going to be a bit of a wait.  But I have high hopes.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


Last night, the US embassy hosted a Halloween party at an empty office building just a block away from our apartment.  I pregamed at our place for a little while and then headed en masse to the party.  I dressed as God (a la the Joan Osborne song…) and served as DJ for most of the night.  It was quite the evening, and I think everyone had a blast.  Huzzah and Happy Halloween!


The shirt says "Just a Slob (like one of you)"




2 responses

1 11 2010

Just haven’t taken a minute to tell you I love your blogs and I love and miss you very much.
PS Nice hat.

15 11 2010

Thanks, Cris! I love you mucho!

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