Seasons Change

4 11 2010

Okay, now it’s officially winter.


Because in Bishkek, it’s not winter until the heat comes on.  And the heat doesn’t come on until the government decides it comes on.  It doesn’t matter if it’s been below freezing for a week, or it’s been comfortably in the 50s.   And when it comes on, it comes on for the entire city at once.  And it stays on until March or so, when the government decides to turn it off.


And the heat came on today!  Which is actually quite nice because, although it hasn’t been terribly cold, it’s definitely nippy.  And this apartment consistently stays about 15 degrees cooler than it is outside.  But now the heat is on!


NB: I’m certain that in a few weeks, I’ll be complaining that the heat is still on and that it’s so hot in the apartment that we have to open windows.  I’ve been warned that that’s kind of how it tends to roll around here.  Heh.




4 responses

8 11 2010

Any word on when your friend will be visiting her sister in Whispering Pines?

9 11 2010

She’s heading out on the 19th to New York. I’m not sure exactly when she’ll be in NC…I’ll find out.

14 11 2010

Hahaha. You’ve got to love the heating inefficiency madness of the former Soviet Union. October and April are the coldest months to be in your apartment, whereas during most of the winter, having at least the fortichka wide open is a must! Good times.

15 11 2010

So very true. My bedroom window’s already open. But that’s mainly because it hasn’t actually gotten all that cold outside yet.

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