Other things that have happened this week

21 11 2010

So, aside from my exciting and awesome grad school news, other fun and exciting things happened this week.


Last weekend, on the same day that I went to the ballet, I had my first official police run-in.   It’s pretty common around here to get stopped by the police and asked for your documents.  If you don’t have your passport, your registration card, or a photocopy of your passport and visa, you’ll get shaken down for a fine.  The police tend to be fairly pleasant, but still perfectly willing to take some of your money.  I explained that my passport was at the American embassy, where they were processing my registration…which is a card that you’re supposed to carry with you if you’ve lived here for more than two months.  I guess my Russian was passable enough, because they let me go without paying a fine.  Huzzah!


On Thursday I gave my presentation at KMU, which went pretty well.  There were about 20 students there, all students who are all planning to become English teachers.  I spoke for about 45 minutes, and then took about 20 minutes of questions.  The students had some good insights, and a felt pretty good about the whole things.


And then I had Thai food!  There’s a fairly expensive place in town that sells Thai food.  I’d been skeptical about going there, because of the price tag.  But it was AWESOME!  I need to avoid making it a habit, because I can’t afford going there often.


This has been a chill weekend.  Friday night, we sang karaoke, which was epic.  And then yesterday was sushi and football.  And today is homework and napping methinks.  Another week in Bishkek!




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