Quick Update

6 12 2010

I’m currently in exile at a coffee shop because the power is out at our apartment.  So I’ll be posting quickly, and a bigger update (with pictures!) will be forthcoming once we have power back at the flat.


I spent last week making contacts to get my research off the ground.  I have a few contacts at some education related NGOs, and I’m gathering some contacts at the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education.  It’s slow going, but I foresee really getting into my research by the end of the month.  And that’s exciting.


I spent a few days in Karakol at the end of last week with my roommate Stuart.  Karakol’s a sleepy little tourist town on the eastern end of Lake Issyk-Kul, and, while there’s not a whole lot to do there, we managed to have a good time.  We saw an old orthodox basilica and an old Dungan mosque, checked out the small central market and took a trip outside of the city to check out some gorgeous red rock cliffs and some natural hot springs.  We got back Saturday to a beautiful snow-covered Bishkek, where winter has finally (and for good, this time, it seems) set in.


Since then, it’s been blisteringly cold (lows around 0F [or -15C]), but I love the cold weather, so that’s just fine with me.  I’ve got a Fulbright friend from Kazakhstan coming into town tonight, and it’ll be fun to get to play tour guide in Bishkek.


Hope things are well with all of you!




One response

6 12 2010

Glad you checked in. I was afraid you were still in a post-Thanksgiving meal coma. It is cold here, too. We actually had alittle snow on Saturday.

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