Research Update

17 12 2010

Things are finally moving with my actual research project.  After having some major trouble making a decent contact at the Ministry of Education, I set up a meeting with my contact at AUCA.  She suggested that I just go straight to the schools that I wanted to visit and offered to help me arrange the site visits, as much of her family works in education.  She also offered to translate my survey into Kyrgyz (for free!) and to proofread the Russian version (which I did myself, so I’m sure it needs some work).


So now I’m scheduled to visit schools in Kochkor and Naryn in early January.  That will be followed by visits to schools around Issyk-Kul (probably in Cholpon-Ata, Karakol, Tuyp, and maybe Bokonbaevo).  I’ll fit Talas and Chuy in there somewhere too before I take off to India in March.


That’s right, I’m heading to a Fulbright conference in Goa (!) in March for a week.  I’m super-stoked, as I’m sure that I’ll be ready for a break from the Kyrgyz winter by then.  And most of the cost is being covered by Fulbright, so, yay!  I found a relatively affordable flight out of Almaty via Sharjah in the UAE, so I’m going to stop there for a couple days as well and visit Dubai.  Cool, eh?


The plan then will be to visit schools in the south of Kyrgyzstan (Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken) when I get back from India.  Hopefully then I’ll be finished with my site visits by the end of April, which will give me all of May to organize the data and see if any local NGOs can use it for anything.


In other, but somewhat related, news, I’m giving another presentation next week, although this one is much less academic and more just giving some English language classes the chance to practice with a native speaker.  We’ll be talking broadly about education, and I’m going to ask the students to pilot my education questionnaire to see if all of the questions make sense.


And I’m going to be judging an English language presentation on Christmas Eve.  Apparently my status as native English speaker qualifies me to judge students’ work.  We’ll see how that goes…but it should be fun.


That’s mostly it right now.  I’ve been pretty focused on the research, haven’t had too much exciting happening outside of that.  Hope all of your holidays are running smoothly.





One response

17 12 2010
Claire D.

I forgot you had a blog, but then I saw the Facebook status about how you have one and I should look at it if I love you, so, well…here I am! Missing you lots, Kurt. I am impressed with the work that you are doing, and I have enjoyed looking at all of these pictures (especially the nature ones). Congrats on grad schools and all of those things 🙂

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