22 02 2011

So, I’m overdue a long post about what it’s like to to my fieldwork here in Kyrgyzstan.  And that should be rectified by the end of the week.  But here’s what I’ve been sorting out the last few days:


I’m going to be back in the States for the last two weeks of March.  I’ve been fortunate to have been accepted to every grad program that I’ve applied to so far (still haven’t heard from three…), which is awesome, but also a bit overwhelming.  So I’ve narrowed it down to six schools and will be doing a whirlwind tour to help make my final decision.  Here’s where you come in:  Check out the itinerary below.  If you live in (or near) one of the cities, I’d love to a) see you, b) talk to you or c) sleep on your couch.  Let me know if you can help!  I’d greatly appreciate it!

Mar 20 spending the night in Philly (fairly late arrival, as I’m flying into JFK and then taking the train down)
Mar 21 visiting UPenn
Mar 22 visiting UPenn
Mar 23 depart PHL 735am, arrive ORD 910am, visiting Northwestern
Mar 24 visiting  Northwestern, taking evening train to Ann Arbor
Mar 25 visiting U Michigan
Mar 26 depart DTW 600am, arrive RDU 1015am
Mar 28 depart RDU 530am, arrive SCE 1007am, visiting Penn State
Mar 29 visiting Penn State, evening bus to Baltimore (staying with Grandma!)
Mar 30 visiting George Washington
Mar 31 early bus or train to New York, visiting NYU
Apr 1 visiting NYU
Apr 2 evening flight back to Bishkek (eventually)


So, friends!  Can you give me a hand?  Shoot me an email or hit me up on the facebook or any way you see fit.  Can’t wait to see as many of you as possible!

I am, in fact, alive

11 02 2011

Hey everybody!


So, I’ve been swamped the last couple of weeks, fully delving into the research aspect of my Fulbright.  Thus far, I’ve collected and processed 1500 surveys from schools around Kyrgyzstan.  I’m taking off next week to head to Talas, a region in northwestern Kyrgyzstan, to continue collecting surveys.  It’s intensive work, but I’m really enjoying interacting with students all over the country.


I’ve run into a bit of bureaucracy while trying to start visiting schools in Bishkek.  The superintendent is requiring me to present a letter from Fulbright (on letterhead, no less) to conduct my research in the capital city.  I kind of understand where she’s coming from, but I haven’t had to do anything like this for anywhere else in the country, so I think it’s as much leftover Soviet bureaucracy as it is anything else.


Aside from the research, we hosted a Super Bowl Breakfast Bash at our apartment.  We had homemade bagels, eggs, nachos, mimosas….it was a blast!  It helped that I was ambivalent to who won.


In grad school news, I’m 8 for 8 for acceptances so far.  Here’s where things stand so far:



George Washington University

Northwestern University

Indiana University

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

Penn State


University of Tennessee


Still Waiting:


Michigan State



UNC Greensboro


I’m planning on making a trip back to the States at the end of March to visit my top couple choices, so if you live in NYC, Philly, Chicago or DC, you may be hearing from me for a couch to crash.  I’ll keep you posted.


Love to you all!