6 04 2011

Thanks to all of you for being patient with me over the last month.  After leaving India, I spent a week and a half checking out Oman and the UAE.  Then it was back to the US for a whirlwind, two-week graduate school visit.  I checked out six campuses in 11 days (and managed to make a side trip down to North Carolina to see friends and family).


After tons of information sessions, campus tours, assistantship interviews and countless questions both given and received, I’ve finally made my decision.


Starting in September I’ll be a full time student in the Master’s Program in Higher Education Administration at the University of Pennsylvania.


I’m incredibly excited about this, and the decision was not an easy one to come by.  I was lucky to have to choose between several top-notch programs.  At the end, Penn was just the best fit for me.


Thanks aplenty to all of you who offered advice, support and assistance during the application and decision process.  It’s been a long road, but I’m happy to report that it’s finished!



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6 04 2011


6 04 2011
Chris K.


6 04 2011

Good marketing tactic to make us Facebook friends click through. 🙂 Congrats! Philadelphia is still on my list of “maybe to move to” in 2012. Let me know where you land!

6 04 2011

what up Philly! I hope you eat cheese steaks and pretzels every day

6 04 2011

Hey, that’s wonderful! I really really like Philly. This would be one of the top places where I would like to do a post-doc, so maybe we’ll coincide 😉 and if KJ is there, all the better.

9 04 2011
Mom & Dad

Hurray for the east coast! I’ve already saved an episode of Man vs Food about Philedelphia and am scoping out Diners, Drive Ins & Dives so we can get a real “taste” of Philly when we visit! I think UPa will be great for you. Smack dab between NYC and grandma. Hurrah for AMTrak. Can I contact HGTV so you can be on “For Rent” show?

15 11 2011

Man v Food is one of the best programmes on television. I live in England and would love to visit all the diners that Adam has. The food in England does not compare in any way shape or form, to what he is eating.

3 01 2012

Good marketing tactic to make

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