I’m currently living in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on a Fulbright fellowship.  I’ll be here for ten months, learning Russian and studying the nation’s language policies and how they affect its education system.  Plus I’ll be eating tons of shashlik and meandering through as much of the country as I can!

Of course, I should mention that everything written on this blog comes solely from me, the author, and does not reflect the position of the US Department of State or the Fulbright Association.

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15 09 2010
Jess Bowerman

That sounds like so much fun…I am so jealous!! Enjoy your time, take lots of pictures!!!

2 03 2011
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18 04 2012

Hi Kurt,

It’s great to have stumbled upon your blog because I’m currently writing my (undergrad) thesis on the 2010 violence in Osh and minority language policy and attitudes. I was wondering if you have published any kind of analysis of your findings. Is this the only place where you have posted your data? If I want to talk about your findings in my paper, how should I cite — i.e., would you mind giving me your last name somehow? Or should I just link to the blog?


18 04 2012

Hi Katie! I haven’t written up my data yet. Grad school has eaten my life! But I’d be thrilled to have you cite my data. You can reach me at kurtd@gse.upenn.edu and I’ll give you my contact information.

27 06 2012

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